Hello Leaders,

I'm excited to get back to my newsletter. Here will be a quick chance for you to acquire knowledge and tips to implement it into your life. 

Squats!!! We all hear about this exercise but why the hype? - Within a squat pattern you're using the 3 biggest muscles in your body- Glutes, Hamstrings, and Quadriceps. By activating bigger muscles your body you will gain more muscle, burn more fat, and increase your overall strength in your entire body. 

Along with activating these 3 muscles you're also stabilizing your whole body, from your ankles to your upper back. The more muscles stabilizing or recruited gives your nervous system a "sink or swim" or overload response, meaning you must adapt. 

The squat forces you to work both the eccentric and concentric movements. Meaning- you're controlling the downward and upward motion of the movement. No other exercise forces you to control your body in this fashion as much as a squat. Therefore your are getting a tremendous stimulus for your body. 

The squat should emphasize full range of motion. Meaning you should focus on getting the most movement your body will allow. This may not come naturally, but with practice day after day you will see dramatic range of motion improvements. 

For the past year I started a program that requires me to squat 4-5 times a week consistently while varying intensities. I went from squatting 315lbs for 1 rep to squatting 315lbs for 10 reps, as well as hitting a 375lb squat for 1 rep. 

Squatting within this regiment has also forced all of my lifts to go up. In 1 years time. 

  • Deadlift - 395lbs to 465lbs 
  • Bench press- 235lbs to 275lbs 
  • Clean & jerk- 235lbs to 275lbs
  • Snatch - 155lbs to 205lbs 

The squat has also help my body to increase its lean body mass. I can from 1 year ago weighing in at 167lbs and 9% body fat to 175lbs and 9% body fat. 8lbs of lean muscle is a ton of muscle to gain! 

I really advocate anyone, at any age  to start implementing this into their program. The results do not lie. As the squat is vital to our correct movement pattern everyday. Picking up things off the floor, picking up your kids, sitting... You should always practice good movement patterns and hey, why not add some strength and lean muscle. :)