Heart Rate Training

As I will begin to implement the Polar Bluetooth Heart Rate monitor to our workouts this is a great chance to tell you why it will benefit you. 

Training with a heart rate monitor can prove many benefits to your results. 

  • You can see exactly where your heart rate is. 
  • You can see how many calories you're burning through a workout. 
  • You can gage just enough rest after you finish an exercise to go to the next. 
  • You can regulate your heart rate. 
  • You can set workout goals.
  • You can beat your last workout. 

Earn your training 

  • To know where your effort level ( heart rate) is at all times cannot be faked. 
  • Focus on a sustained low point through out the workout (130/120 beats per minute for fat loss) 
  • Calorie goals for training for fat loss should be at 500 calories or more per session. 

You cannot fake what your body is doing. Heart rate monitor training can help in many ways. It's always good to see where you're at in a workout, heart rate or calorie wise.

Whether you're trying to gain weight(keeping your heart rate low during workouts) or lose weight(keeping your heart rate up) it's always good to track.